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Camel 50*70 cm

Camel 50*70 cm

Portrait of a plastic toy camel. A 4-year-old boy was nice enough to let us borrow him. We explored his personality through classic portrait photography. Notice his arrogant gaze. What's his secret?

Combine Camel with other animals from the poster series, Life in Plastic by SOMEBODY ELSE. The series includes five animals and each is available in two sizes.

Size: 50x70 cm


Offset print with 6 colors on 200 gr. uncoated FSC-labeled white paper with a matte finish.

All posters are printed with two extra Pantone colors, resulting in a smooth color surface that cannot be achieved with ordinary digital printing. SOMEBODY ELSE uses only environmentally-friendly FSC labeled quality paper for their posters.

The poster is in standard measurements and fits a standard frame.

The frame is not included.



SOMEBODY ELSE is a collaboration between fine art photographer Linda Hansen and art director Rine Boland Folden. Together they created a series of posters from Linda Hansen’s photographic series, ‘Life in Plastic’. The photographs were taken in 2008 and have since been exhibited in Denmark and abroad.

‘Life in plastic’ began with an idea to investigate the lives of the plastic animals. Linda set out to explore their personalities through the lens and the resulting portraits are taken with respect for the individual animal. The unique character of each shines through, illustrating their stories through their features, wrinkles and scrapes – what we all experience from the ravages of time and what makes us the individuals we are. Rine Boland Folden has worked on with the series and given them a new life, a new history and a new expression

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